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Boats still breaching Rena exclusion zone

Tuesday, 9 September 2014 10:00 a.m.

More boats are breaching the two nautical mile exclusion zone around the Rena wreck on Astrolabe Reef (Otaiti).

Bay of Plenty Regional Harbour Master Peter Buell said all boaties needed to be aware of the exclusion zone while out on the water.

“Large vessels in particular have no excuse as the Notice to Mariners is clear. Rena operations are still underway, and they need to be able to work without other vessels getting in the way.”

So far there have been 56 recorded breaches of the exclusion zone since the beginning of this year, and six infringement fines were issued. Boats which were not issued with an infringement notice had made only minor or inadvertent breaches, and were warned.

The breaches were by everything from bulk carriers and fishing vessels to launches private yachts.

Patrols are continuing daily around the exclusion zone and anyone found in the exclusion zone may be fined, Mr Buell said.

The Rena marine operational site is set by the Regional Harbour Master, and salvors Resolve Salvage & Fire has autonomy over water 1000 m from the reef.  The company is patrolling the area and their skippers have been issued with honorary warrants to collect names and addresses of those who breach the zone. 

Download a high resolution map of the exclusion zone (6.5MB).