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Rena exclusion zone extended

Monday, 6 January 2014 1:43 p.m.

A temporary moving exclusion zone has been set around the barge transporting sections of the dismantled Rena accommodation block to the Port of Tauranga.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Harbour Master Jennifer Roberts said Resolve Fire and Salvage was working on removing large pieces of wreck from Astrolabe Reef and transferring them from the crane barge RMG500 onto a deck barge, the RMG1000 which will be anchored near Motiti Island.

“The RMG1000 will be secured in place by four or more anchors, each marked with a large orange/yellow buoy and lit at night with a yellow flashing light,” she said.

“To ensure the safety of the divers and other workers involved in this operation, no unauthorised vessel may enter the temporary Moving Exclusion Zone, the first of which extends out 500 metres from the barge RMG500 during the transit from Astrolabe Reef towards Motiti Island while transporting pieces of the Rena accommodation block.”

Anyone breaching the direction is liable to a fine or prosecution, Ms Roberts said. The direction applies to all vessels, except those authorised by the Harbour Master or the duty Salvage Master.

The first temporary Moving Exclusion Zone will be located around the barge RMG500 while it moves between Astrolabe Reef (37⁰32.4’S 176⁰25.7’E) and Motiti Island (37⁰37.5’S 176⁰25.0’E).

A second temporary Exclusion Zone around the barge transfer site near Motiti Island will be at one of the following locations, depending on the weather:

  1. 37⁰36.745’S 176⁰24.166’E
  2. 37⁰36.700’S 176⁰24.502’E
  3. 37⁰38.117’S 176⁰26.169’E

A third temporary Moving Exclusion Zone will also be located around the barge RMG1000 while it transits between the anchorage at Motiti Island (37⁰37.5’S 176⁰25.0’E) and the Port of Tauranga.

The Direction remains in force until Rena accommodation block transfer and removal operations are completed, Ms Roberts said.

Map of the static exclusion zone around the barge transfer site:

Rena Exclusion zone

Rena Exclusion zone