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Safety first at Tauranga Bridge Marina

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 1:24 p.m.

New safety devices have been installed at Tauranga Bridge Marina to reduce the risks for recreational fishers and other users of the pier.

Funded through Bay of Plenty Regional Council sponsorship and the Maritime team, Tauranga Bridge Marina has installed life rings and a number of emergency ladders along the southern pier. The emergency ladders lift out of the water to prevent damage from constant exposure to the water but drop when a toggle is pulled in an emergency.

The new devices help to ease the mind of Marina Manager Tony Arnold. “For years I have been worried about what might happen if, for example, a child fell into the water and the parent wasn’t a good enough swimmer and got into trouble themselves. With the currents around the southern attenuator, they would have a heck of a job getting out of the water,” he says.

“Our consent requires us to allow the public to use the southern pier for fishing and it is great to see the public enjoy the space. But there is always a risk and there is only so much we can do with signage and reminder notices. We have had rope grab loops put in in the past, but they are often vandalised and cut up by members of the public. We are really pleased with the new safety equipment and the safety outcomes for all the users,” Mr Arnold says. 

You can find out more about the Regional Council sponsorship on the website


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Life Ring Tauranga Marina    Ladder and Life Ring Tauranga Marina

Life Ring Tauranga Marina