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Otaiti environmental status clarified

Tuesday, 2 July 2013 10:30 a.m.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council would like to dispel concerns raised in the media about the environmental status of Otaiti Reef.

“The process of identifying the Reef’s status in the Regional Policy Statement (RPS) still has a long way to go,” the Regional Council’s General Manager Strategy Fiona McTavish said.

 “Before the grounding of the Rena in October 2011, Otaiti Reef was identified in the draft RPS as a natural feature of outstanding natural character,” she said.

“We are now updating the RPS. Because of the Rena casualty we have understandably deferred the process of identifying the reef's natural character until all information about the impact, including physical and scientific effects, is available,” she said. 

“Any comment about the final identification in the Council’s Regional Policy Statement is premature,” she said.

Otaiti Astrolabe reef