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Rena update from Maritime NZ #216

Thursday, 26 January 2012 11:00 a.m.


  • The priority for the Svitzer salvage team remains the removal of containers from the bow section of Rena.
  • Yesterday, salvors removed one container of paper products.
  • The weather today is forecast to deteriorate with wind rising to 20 knots and swells increasing from 1m to 2m around the wreck. The rough weather is forecast to remain on Friday and settle on Saturday.
  • Salvors are today installing sliding beams on the bow section. These will allow salvors to move containers overboard where they can be reached and recovered by the Smit Borneo crane, when weather conditions permit.

 Containers and debris recovery

  • Braemar Howells recovery team has successfully unloaded the dangerous goods containers removed from the bow section of Rena. The containers held empty hydrogen peroxide tanks and did not pose a major hazard.
  • Plans are in hand to remove 25 one-tonne bags of rubbish from Motiti Island next week in a helilift. The waste is varied and includes timber and plastic.
  • Divers are using specialised equipment to cut up two containers which are partly submerged in the Bowentown area.

 Oil spill response

  • This morning's observation flight confirmed a light silver and rainbow sheen stretching south of the wreck for about 4km.
  • 30 oil spill responders are working at Leisure Island and the Mount today.
  • Another team of 7 will be at Tuapiro and Kauri Point.
  • Shoreline clean-up assessment teams are working on the East coast identifying priority sites for oil spill response activity.
  • An environmental team is on Matakana Island today, assessing the levels of residual oil there.
  • 25 little blue penguins and 2 grey faced petrels remain in care at Massey University.
  • Wildlife operations at Motiti Island this week have located no oiled birds.
  • One little blue penguin was captured at the Mount yesterday with light oiling on its feet.
  • No other oiled birds have been located over the past few days. Three dead birds picked up yesterday were not oiled.
Rena containers