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RENA update from Maritime NZ (214)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012 10:30 a.m.


  • Salvors yesterday removed four dangerous goods containers from the bow of Rena. The containers held empty tanks which formerly held hydrogen peroxide and still have residual amounts of the chemical inside. Braemar Howells has plans and procedures in place for handling the containers when they are brought ashore.
  • This means there are no dangerous goods containers left above deck on Rena. There are still dangerous goods containers in the holds of the wreck. More information on the dangerous goods held on Rena is available here
  • The total number of containers removed from Rena since it broke in half is now 43.
  • Salvors also removed 18 packets of timber manually from the bow section yesterday - approximately half a container load.
  • Observation flights have identified no significant changes to the two sections of the wreck.
  • The weather around the Astrolabe Reef is fine today and forecast to remain clear for the next few days.

 Container and debris recovery

  • More than 2,300 tonnes of waste has been processed by Braemar Howells - the company responsible for distressed container and cargo recovery - since the Rena grounding.
  • Braemar has processed about 2,325 tonnes of waste.
  • Figures show that 1870 tonnes of waste has gone to landfills including about 25 tonnes of milk powder.  A total of 117 tonnes of liquid waste has been processed and taken away for disposal by an environmental company. Liquid waste does not include oil, and is predominantly blood washed out of refrigerated containers.
  • A break-down in figures shows that waste processed to date includes about 177 tonnes from Waihi Beach and 77 tonnes from Matakana Island.
  • The tonnage of waste collected and processed does not include timber. 
  • Recently released figures also show that Braemar has processed 120 containers.
  • Meanwhile, fridges are making an appearance on the debris clean-up front. Braemar confirms that at least four fridges have washed up on shore - one on Slipper Island, one on Matakana and two on the East Cape.
  • Small amounts of debris - including the fridge - have been found as far north as Slipper Island. This has been confirmed by MNZ's shoreline clean-up assessment team.
  • A number of one tonne bags have been delivered to Motiti Island today for ongoing debris collection.

 Oil spill response

  • Around 40 oil spill responders are working today on clean-up operations at the Mount, on Matakana, Rabbit and Leisure Islands and at Kauri Point.
  • A shoreline clean-up assessment team is working north of Kauri Point today.
  • An aerial observation flight this morning confirmed a metallic sheen around the wreck with a small amount of dark oil within it. A lighter sheen was observed stretching about 3km from the wreck.
  • Members of the public are urged to please contact the 0800 OIL SPILL (0800 645 774) if they come across oil - please provide the best details possible about the location of the oil, and an estimate of the amount observed. Every report is fed into our planning process and followed up.


  • No oiled birds were picked up over the last 24 hours.
  • Work is continuing on demobilising the Te Maunga wildlife facility. It is expected all equipment will be completely removed this week. Some response equipment will be kept in the Bay of Plenty in case there is a need to escalate the wildlife response.


ST60 and Rena - sunrise on 24 January 2012