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RENA Maritime NZ Update (100)

Sunday, 23 October 2011 10:00 a.m.

  • There has been a small release of oil overnight. This is estimated at between 5 and 10 tonnes.
  • It is unclear exactly where on the ship this has come from, but it is considered probable the seepage is a result of further leaking from the duct keel due to the low tide.
  • Four vessels are now being prepared to go to the site to conduct on-water recovery operations. They will use offshore Ro booms (heavy duty booms capable of operating in strong currents) to corral the oil so recovery teams can use skimmers to remove oil from the water.
  • New Zealand Defence Force helicopters will support the on-water recovery teams by providing aerial observations to direct their operation.
  • Planning teams are now doing trajectory modelling to assess where the oil is likely to head. At this point it is moving offshore, and it is not expected to reach any coastline for the next two days. We will update you on the trajectory modelling later today.
Rena on 18 October