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RENA Update from Maritime NZ (179)

Thursday, 24 November 2011 5:00 p.m.

Salvage operations remain on hold due to strong winds around the Rena, says Maritime New Zealand (MNZ).

Salvors are continuing to monitor the condition of the vessel through electronic sensors on board but information gathered so far indicates there is no significant change or deterioration of the hull.

"The vessel remains in a fragile condition, but is still stable," said Maritime New Zealand Salvage Unit Manager Arthur Jobard.

"Salvors will remain on board the vesselGo Canopusovernight and will continue to monitor theRena's status."

Container recovery company Braemar Howells remains ready to respond to any potential container loss from theRena,with vessels and personnel on standby, Mr Jobard said.

National On Scene Commander Alex van Wijngaarden said beach cleaning work had continued today with larger numbers of responders ready on standby in case more oil comes ashore. 

Beach cleaning operations will continue tomorrow in a number of areas.

The National Oiled Wildlife Response Team continues to work on plans for the staged release of more wildlife that satisfy release criteria and as their habitats are cleaned.  A team is now scheduled to go out on Friday night to monitor penguins released to Rabbit Island on Tuesday.

Rena from rear - 96 boxes lighter