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Two rivers still to peak

Saturday, 29 January 2011 3:42 p.m.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff are continuing to monitor river levels across the region with two rivers still to peak later today.


Community Relations Manager Bronwyn Campbell said the Whakatāne River was still rising and is forecast to peak around 10pm today at about a 30-year event level which is similar to Monday's peak for the river following last weekend's storm.


"We're also expecting that the Waimana River will peak at 6pm today at about a 50-year event level," Ms Campbell said.


Boaties were also being asked to take extreme care when out on the region's waterways and along the coast this weekend.


"Due to last night's heavy rain, swollen rivers have brought logs and debris down into the regions coastal waters including Tauranga Harbour, Whakatane River mouth, Ohiwa Harbour," Ms Campbell said.


"All boaties need to be aware of these navigational hazards and take extra precautions when venturing out onto the water.

The District Health Board has warned that people should also avoid swimming and recreational contact in all rivers, streams and harbours for 48 hours as farm runoff may have contaminated them with effluent. There have been a number of sewage overflows reported into Tauranga Harbour so people are advised to avoid contact with the water until further notice.

Flood/actual predictions with a wet catchment and all the rain fallen are as follows:


Rangitāiki River - Peak flow prediction of 620m3/s at 5am Sunday 30 January. Trustpower had agreed to increase Matahina Dam outflows at 12pm from 250m3/s to 400m3/s to reduce lake levels.


Tarawera River levelled off at relatively high levels at 8am and was peaking at 1m at 2.482m. We have had two teams monitoring potential seepage issues all morning.


Kaituna River - The Kaituna peaked at 4.656m @10:45 above the peak of earlier this week. The appropriate warnings were put out in a timely manner. This is in excess of the 10yr ARI event according to our rating curve maximum of 4.4m 230m3/s. The Mangorewa peaked at an estimated 500m3/s (>50year ARI)


Waioeka River peaked at Cableway at 8.8m (NIWA) which is around a 15 year event (~1100m3/s). The mouth of the Gorge gauge peaked at 12.15pm at 5.792m (similar to 24 January event).


Otara River peaked under the second warning level at Browns Bridge at 10.15am at 3.421m (similar to 24 January event).


Operational staff will continue working around the clock and the flood room will remain manned through the night.

The Whakatane River Bar is currently unworkable. Boaties should listen to their local radio station for updates on the situation.

For latest updates on the weather event across the region, please visit the Bay of Plenty Regional Council's website or Facebook page:

For live monitoring and regional rainfall data go to and click on the Live Monitoring Link.


For further information on weather predictions please go to


For roading information please visit




For further media information please contact Bronwyn Campbell, Community Relations Manager on 021 287 9380.


Information forwarded for Eastern Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Emergency Operations Centre


Media Release No:  



29 January 2011  



  Civil Defence Controller Diane Turner advises that EOC staff have been liaising closely with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council flood control team  regarding river levels as these were continuing to rise. She stated that the Whakatane River was expected to peak at 10 pm tonight and would be fractionally higher than last Monday's flood event which was a one in 30 year event.  She stated that the Taneatua Highway was expected to close due to the river overtopping the road. She noted that the high tide would also affect the ability of water to exit from canals and rivers on the Plains and this would add to the overtopping of canals onto low lying areas and effect local rural roads especially around Otakiri.  The Waioeka River was predicted to peak at higher levels than last weekend and staff were monitoring this closely with the high tide due at 1537 hours.

Waimana and Ruatoki Valley are currently cut off. Staff are monitoring road conditions. While rivers remain high these communities will remain isolated.


Ms Turner stated that although power has been restored in all areas of the district apart from Manawahe Road she was still asking people to conserve water to allow for the reservoirs to refill. She asked the residents in Edgecumbe to refrain from using water and to avoid flushing their toilets as there were infiltration problems with the wastewater system.


Ms Turner advised that there had been reports of houses been flooded in Whakatane, Edgecumbe, Taneatua, Ruatoki Valley and Otakiri.  She stated that slips had affected  properties in West End Road and Braemar Road. Staff were investigating these reports.


Ms Turner advised that Opotiki was experiencing some issues with sewerage being backed up due to minor surface water flooding and there had been minor surface water flooding in urban areas.


She stated that the District Health Board has warned that people should also avoid swimming and recreational contact in all rivers, streams and harbours for 48 hours as farm runoff may have contaminated them with effluent.


The welfare centre in Matata has been closed. The welfare centre in Whakatane, at the Salvation Army Hall in King Street  remains open.  Welfare agencies are available at the centre to support anyone having to evacuate.


For roading updates refer to the Council's website and listen to Radio IXX.

If people need any assistance they are advised to call the Council on 306 0500 or for more information visit the website and continue listening to the Radio.



For further information, please contact the Public Information Manager Barney Dzowa on 07 306 0500 or 027 2333 522.


Local radio station

1XX: 90.5 FM | Whakatane, Opotiki, Kawerau and Edgecumbe - 93.0 FM | Ohope Beach - 92.9 FM | Te Puke - 1242 AM


Useful websites: http:// 

Whakatāne Road Closure information


ROAD CLOSURES - 29 January 2011, last updated 1.00pm

Road Name



Whakatane/ Ohope



Alexander Ave



Apanui Ave


Surface flooding

Ohope Road



George Street



Douglas Street



Valley Road



Martin Place



Peace Street



McAlister Street



Jublilee Crescent



Hillcrest Road


Open to downhill traffic only

Pohutu Street


Surface Flooding




State Highways



Waimana Gorge


Flooding, debris, slips

SH2 Matata Straights


Single lane

SH2 - Caverhill Road


Slip, Flooding Wilson Corner

SH2 Kuturere & Waiotahi

Single Lane


SH2 (Nukuhou & Waimana Gorge)


Flooding over the road

White Pine Bush Road





With caution, rocks and slips







Rata Place



Puriri Crescent



Titoki Place



Matapo Place






Rural - Rangitaiki Plains



Awaiti Rd North



Gow Road


Slip - Snake Hill

McDonald Road


Surface water

Omeheu Road



Otakiri Road


Flooding Edgecumbe end




Galatea Road



Ruatahuna Access Road



Kopuriki Road


At Lake Aniwaniwa

Ohope/ Wainui



Te Kooti Road



Wainui Road


Flooded @ Te Kooti Road

Taneatua/ Waimana/ Ruatoki



Awahou Road


Surface flooding and rising

Reids Road


Surface flooding

Ruatoki Valley Road



RuatokiValley Community is completely cut off from Taneatua township

Stanley Road


Waimana end - flooding

Waimana West Rd


Reports of wash out

Waimana East Road



Waimana township is completely cut off from the state highway







Gault Road



Motu Road


Flooding/ slips

Pakahi Road



Ruatuna Road


With caution - trees down, slips

Takaputahi Road



Toones Road



Waiotahe Valley Road










For further media information, please contact the Public Information Manager Barney Dzowa on 07 306 0500 or 027 2333 522. 

Information forwarded for Tauranga City Council


Media Advisory

Mauao too dangerous - CLOSED

  • Severe mud slides and landslips have made Mauao (Mount Maunganui) unsafe.
  • All of the mountain including the base track is closed to the public for the duration of the long weekend.
  • It will be closed until Wednesday 2 February and possibly for longer pending safety assessment results.
  • The public are asked to respect the closure and stay off the mountain.

Contact: Stephanie Brackstone, Park Ranger: 027 472 9967

Sewerage Overflows Around the City

Due to the heavy rain last night there is widespread contamination in the harbour, estuaries and waterways around the City.

Please avoid contact with the water.  Fishing, shellfish gathering and swimming should be avoided until further notice.

For further information contact Graeme Dohnt, Tauranga City Council Drainage Service Manager on 021 2777 690

TaurangaCity urged to conserve water

  • Tauranga City residents are asked to conserve water for the next 24 hours.
  • Both of the city's water processing plants have had to be shut down following last night's severe rainfall.
  • The city is now relying solely on reservoir storage.
  • A major water main break has further depleted storage levels.

Contact: Peter Bahrs, Water Supply Manager 021 277 7237

More info:
The water main break is on Maleme Street. A tree was blown over during the storm, with the roots damaging the water main.

Surface Flooding and Slips on Tauranga Roads

Several sections of SH2 between Baypark and the Domain Road roundabout are still affected by surface flooding and this is not expected to drain for several hours.  The road is open but drivers need to take extra care when driving in the area.

Oropi Road and Triton Avenue are now open.

Maleme Street at the Oropi Road end is closed.

Contractors are working to clear some minor slips on Kennedy Road.  The road is open but please take care.

Meagan Holmes

Group Communication Advisor

Tauranga City Council

Tel: 07 577 7770; 021 241 4628

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