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Save on petrol with Carshare BOP

Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:00 p.m.

Want to avoid the price pinch at the petrol pump? Why not split the bill? Car pooling is now more than ever an appealing option for commuters.

Carshare BOP is a free website which links up people in the Bay of Plenty wanting to share car trips.  

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Transport Planner Kate Mackenzie said after sharing a couple of trips people quickly discover how cheap and easy car pooling is.

Upgrades to the Carshare BOP website mean it's now even easier for people to give car pooling a go.

"Carshare BOP's online database can also identify people at your workplace or people with similar work schedules and lifestyle preferences so the chance of finding a useable match is high," Ms Mackenzie said.

"The Bay of Plenty region is well suited to car pooling.  There are a number of semi-rural communities meaning many people commute across the region to work each day. Carshare BOP can link up those commuters so they save on daily travel costs," Ms Mackenzie said.

Along with a new look Carshare BOP also has a travel log function where members can log how they travel each day and calculate the dollars, kilometres, fuel and emissions saved.

The site now also now uses Google Maps for better journey planning and a message board for easier communication between members.

"There are no set obligations for car sharing - it's completely flexible. You choose when you car pool who you go with and what the ground rules are. Carshare BOP simply gives you the opportunity to link up with potential car poolers - people who fit in with how you want to travel," she said.

Member's details are stored securely in the database and only intended travel information can be accessed online. 

For more information visit or email

Take a Mate Fact box:

Around 90 percent of people who register with Carshare BOP are matched up with another user.

Travelling with others can mean you reduce your transport costs by up to $1000 a year.

Carshare BOP is one of 11 regional carpooling sites operating nationally.