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Flooding April 2017

Regional Council Flooding Resources

Flood Recovery Consents and Compliance information

Rural landowners who have been affected by the recent flooding may need advice on the type of activities that can be undertaken without consent (permitted), as well as advice around existing consent conditions and variations to those conditions, particularly in relation to effluent disposal to land.

This document details permitted criteria, existing consent requirements and our discretion in compliance of these consents, where authority is required and prohibited activities during the flood recovery phase.


How you can help to reduce biosecurity risk for your property and the catchment post flooding

General pest and plant concerns

  • Ensure all rotten food from fridges or freezers is disposed of in a correct and timely manner. The Regional Council can advise on vermin control if needed.
  • General weed issues may arise in future if your farm was affected by floodwaters and silt from within the catchment. Please check any areas of your property that were inundated with flood waters carefully over the coming spring for new weed issues. If anything is detected the Regional Council biosecurity team can provide an advisory service - call us on 0800 884 880.

When buying in or receiving donated feed

  • Check that the property the feed is coming from does not have weeds that are not known to be present on your farm.

When dealing with contractors who are bringing machinery to your property

When stock return to your farm

  • Put them into a quarantine paddock and inspect that paddock for unusual plants in the coming spring. If anything is detected report this to the Regional Council - call us on 0800 884 880.
  • If you have access to a large volume hose, spray the feet of the heard as they are being loaded into the cattle truck to be relocated. This option may not be available to everyone.


Other links

Whakatane District Recovery Project

Visit the Whakatane District Council website for information on assistance available to residents and businesses affected by the April 2017 flooding and severe weather events.


Rangitaiki River Scheme Review

Bay of Plenty Regional Council requested an independent review of the infrastructure and the circumstances that led to the breach of a flood wall and associated flooding through the town of Edgecumbe on 6 April 2017. It is a technical review that will focus on the Regional Council’s responsibilities.