All on site systems everywhere need to be maintained. This is normally left to the owner to arrange. In some areas where the environment is being adversely affected, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council has decided to include communities in maintenance zones. 

The following areas are included:

  • Tanners Point
  • Ongare Point
  • Te Puna West - note a reticulation scheme is proposed for this zone. Find out more.
  • Bryans Beach
  • Gisborne Point
  • Hinehopu
  • Rotomā
  • Tarawera

Or within 200 metres of any of the Rotorua Lakes.

Maps showing the extent of these zones are in the OSET Regional Plan

In these areas home owners need to employ a contractor to pump out and inspect their septic tank. A report on the size and condition of the system is prepared by the contractor. Any repairs that are required are the responsibility of the owner.

Systems will generally need to be pumped out at intervals of three years. This interval can be extended by the contractor for up to six years.

The following companies are able to pump out, inspect and report on your system.

  • Art’s Takeaways 027 254 9020 (Eastern BOP).
  • Rotorua Waste Disposal  07 332 2791 (Rotorua).
  • BrownFreight 0800 266 826 (0800 POO TANK).
  • Waste Management Technical Services, 07 349 2542 (Rotorua), 07 572 1206  (Tauranga).
  • Allens United 07 862 7209 (Paeroa).