The Waioeka-Otara Rivers Scheme covers the Waioeka River with a 825 km2 catchment and Otara River with a 350 km2 catchment.

The rivers converge at Ōpōtiki and flow out to sea. The Scheme includes substantial stopbanking of both the town and rural sections of both rivers.

This scheme includes:

  • 65km of stopbanks
  • 1 pump station
  • 124 flap gates
  • 118 culverts

Current projects

April 2017 Flood Repair Project

We're repairing the flood damage to our rivers and drains to protect people, property and livelihoods.

Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws

The Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws are regulations that safeguard flood protection and land drainage assets from damage or misuse.

Advisory group

Waioeka-Otara Rivers Scheme Advisory Group

Membership of the River Scheme Advisory Group is representative of the different interests and locations within the scheme.


3 months ago

Keep motorbikes off stopbanks

Please remember to keep motorbikes off stopbanks to help us keep these important flood defences in good order.

If you see any damage please report it to us.

4 months ago

Geotechnical investigations around Ōpōtiki

We’re doing some investigations around Ōpōtiki over the next few weeks to check the condition of the stopbanks on the Otara and Waioeka rivers.

We’ll be doing the tests at the 15 locations and thank you for your understanding as we undertake this essential monitoring to ensure that our stopbanks continue to help protect our communities from flooding.


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