Advisory Group Membership

Membership of the Rivers Scheme Advisory Groups is representative of the different interests and locations within the scheme areas. The groups are designed to share knowledge and views on scheme management matters on behalf of local scheme ratepayers. The groups’ advice on community values, objectives and possible solutions will help us make the best decisions for our river scheme projects, capital works, maintenance programmes and flood repairs.

More information on membership and the role of the advisory group can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Member Name Area Representing
Heather Brake Rotorua urban (v)
Roger Hintz Lower Kaituna basin (v)
Barry Roderick Lower Kaituna basin (v)
Dave Hurst Lower Kaituna basin (v)
Graham Thompson Lower Kaituna basin (v)
Richard Weld Lower Kaituna basin (v)
Nick Chater Rotorua Lakes Community Board elected representative (nv)
John Scrimgeour Western Bay of Plenty Council elected representative (nv)
Peter Dine Rotorua Urban and Rotorua Lakes Council staff technical representative (v)
  v = voting representative nv = non-voting representative


Advisory group meetings are held twice a year, usually in March and September, and are chaired by elected Bay of Plenty Regional Councillors. The Kaituna Catchment Control Scheme meetings are chaired by Councillor Norm Bruning. 

Date/ Time Location Agenda Meeting notes

Tuesday 28 September 2021
10am – 1pm

Settlers Lounge, Te Puke War Memorial Hall, 130 Jellico Street, Te Puke


Wednesday 3 March 2021
10.00am – 1.30pm

Waiariki Meeting Room, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, 1118 Fenton Street, Rotorua

Item 10. Focus Catchments in the KCCS
Action sheet from 2 September
Meeting notes
Wednesday 2 September 2020 
10am – 1.30pm

The Orchard,
20 MacLoughlin Drive, Te Puke

Agenda Meeting notes
Wednesday 4 March 2020 
10am – 1pm
Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Te Wai Ariki Room, 1125 Arawa Street, Rotorua Agenda Meeting notes
Wednesday 4 September 2019
10am – 1pm
Comvita NZ Ltd, The Hive, 23 Wilson Road South, Paengaroa Agenda Meeting notes
Wednesday 13 March 2019
10am – 1pm
Comvita NZ Ltd, The Hive, 23 Wilson Road South, Paengaroa Agenda Meeting notes
05 September 2018   Agenda Meeting notes
19 February 2018   Agenda Meeting notes
31 October 2017   Agenda Meeting notes

Note: Meeting date or venue may change.