The Kaituna Catchment Control Scheme includes Lake Rotorua and Rotoiti as well as the Kaituna River. The whole catchment area covers 1,250 square kilometres.

The scheme includes flood protection stopbanks on Waingaehe, Puarenga, Utuhina and Waiowhero Streams through the Rotorua urban area.

It includes:

  • 79km of stopbank
  • 3 major flood gates
  • 1 mole structure
  • 9 pump stations

Current projects

April 2017 Flood Repair Project

We're repairing the flood damage to our rivers and drains to protect people, property and livelihoods.

Kaituna Mole Upgrade

Bay of Plenty Regional Council will be starting major maintenance on the Kaituna Mole in April 2021. The maintenance is required so the structure can continue to be fit-for-purpose and safe for public use.

Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws

The Flood Protection and Drainage Bylaws are regulations that safeguard flood protection and land drainage assets from damage or misuse.

Advisory groups and forums

Kaituna Catchment Control Scheme Advisory Group

Membership of the River Scheme Advisory Group is representative of the different interests and locations within the scheme.

The Maru o Kaituna River Authority

Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority is a co-governance partnership mandated to restore, protect and enhance the environmental, cultural and spiritual health and well-being of the Kaituna River.

Scheme udpates

3 months ago

What are stopbanks and how can I help protect them?

Did you know that Bay of Plenty Regional Council maintain over 350km of stopbanks to help keep you safe?

2021-07-31 - What are stopbanks and how can I help protect them?

Did you know that Bay of Plenty Regional Council maintain over 350km of stopbanks to help keep you safe?

Stopbanks are our key defence against flooding. They are compacted earth banks built next to rivers and floodways to help contain water in flooding events.

No matter how well they are designed, constructed and maintained, stopbanks are only as strong as the weakest link.

That’s why protecting them from damage is vital.

What can damage stopbanks?

Did you know that a lot of things can damage stopbanks? This includes, vehicles, sheds, and structures, and any digging or excavating. Some large trees can also be a problem as roots can create weakness in the stopbank.

What are my responsibilities?

As a landowner or resident we rely on you to protect the stopbanks on or near your property and inform Regional Council of any damage.

You must follow the Flood Protection Drainage Bylaws and remember to contact Regional Council for permission before doing the following on or near a stopbank:

  • Planting or cutting down trees
  • Digging
  • Building or demolishing any structures e.g. patios, sheds, or fences

How you can help protect stopbanks:

  • Please don’t try and fix any issues before contacting Regional Council as this can cause more damage
  • Report any pest damage to Regional Council
  • Report anything that you are unsure of, or that doesn’t look quite right
  • Don’t throw any grass or plant

Report damage

  • Help keep our flood systems and stopbanks safe by keeping an eye out for damage. If you see a fallen tree, or people, or vehicles damaging stopbanks, please report it to Bay of Plenty Regional Council:
    Call 0800 884 880
4 months ago

Kaituna 2017 flood repairs works completed

Since the 2017 floods we’ve been working hard around the region to repair the damage. We’ve just completed all the repairs on the Kaituna River and alongside the physical works we've been trying to make sure we’re taking up opportunities to restore native habitat.

kaituna gates