We mitigate against flood damage and issues from land drainage through several systems or what we call River and Drainage Schemes.

The schemes are designated areas of land where we maintain and upgrade flood defences (including stopbanks, pumps, flood gates etc.), manage riverbank erosion risks and undertake drain maintenance.

Ratepayers across the region contribute to river and drain management. However, if you live within a scheme you pay an additional targeted rate for the benefits you receive.

The Regional Council manages four major river schemes and one drainage scheme in the Bay of Plenty.

Rangitāiki-Tarawera Rivers Scheme

The Rangitāiki-Tarawera Rivers Scheme consists of catchments on the Tarawera and Rangitāiki rivers.

Kaituna Catchment Control Scheme

The Kaituna Catchment Control Scheme includes Lake Rotorua and Rotoiti as well as the Kaituna River.

Whakatāne-Tauranga Rivers Scheme

The Whakatāne-Tauranga River Scheme consists of catchments on the Whakatāne and Tauranga rivers.

Waioeka-Otara Rivers Scheme

The Waioeka-Otara Rivers Scheme consists of catchments on the Waioeka and Otara rivers.

Rangitāiki Drainage Scheme

The Rangitāiki Drainage Scheme provides drainage to much of the Rangitāiki Plains.

Asset Management Plan

We have an asset management plan which sets out how we are going to ensure flood protection and drainage assets are managed well over the next 50 years.

It shows how we are trying to manage issues associated with flooding and drainage including work on long-term scheme sustainability and shifts needed due to our changing climate.