We welcome your feedback on the Rotorua geothermal system.

Issues at a glance

  1. Taking geothermal water and heat from the geothermal system can cause adverse effects on its long term sustainability and on geothermal surface features.
  2. Land uses near geothermal surface features can cause adverse and irreversible effects on these features, and increase the risk of geothermal hazards to people.
  3. The discharge of geothermal water to land air and water can cause adverse effects on the receiving environment. 
  4. There are limits to resource use and current allocation of the resource may not reflect the needs, values and aspirations of tangata whenua and the local community.
  5. Understanding of the geothermal resource, the effects of use and its sustainable limits is incomplete, does not use matauranga Māori; and creates uncertainty for the management of the resource.
  6. The drilling and use of geothermal wells can lead to harmful effects on people and the environment.

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