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Recommended next steps

If you have not succeeded the shares through the Māori Land Court

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Please visit the Māori Land Court

Maori land court – Application forms -  

Whānau Trust – Succession

Replace remove Trustees

Set up Whānau Trust

Appoint Trustee

Vesting Orders


Dispute resolutions

Occupation order 

Succession - 

Pātaka Whenua – Māori Land Database

Access Māori Land information - search Māori land blocks, land ownership, and trusts, and to view Court documents and Maps*/!STANDARD

Occupy your land - 

Includes – Block Size – how to calculate shares to block size (M2)

Permission from other owners:

Permission from trustees or Māori incorporation:

Apply to occupy your land:

Finances and mortgages:

Applying for a mortgage or loan for Māori land

Your block size:

Before making any plans to build, please ensure you are an owner/beneficiary of a whānau trust in the land. You will need to figure out what your interests (also known as shares) equate to in terms of actual area on the block.

You can find "Total area of the block in hectares", "Total interests (shares) of the block", and Owners interests (shares) in the block" in Pātaka Whenua. For "Number of square metres (m²) in a hectare", use Google.

You can calculate this by dividing your interests (shares) by the total number of interests (shares) in the land block and multiplying it by its total area. For example:

Total Area of block in Hectares(Ha): 8.2016 Ha

Divided by:  /

Total Shares of the block: 55

Multiplied by: X

Owners shares in the block: 0.0095

Multiplied by: X

Number of metres in a hectare: 10000M2 

Equals: =

Area on block as per shares in m2: 14.1664m2

8.2016Ha / 55 x 0.0095 x 10,000m2 = 14.1664m2

Take the number before the decimal, so in this example, the owners shares of 0.0095 equate to 14.1664m². This means that the owner has 14m², and so does not have enough shares to build. There are other ways to build your shareholding - if you are in that position, please contact us.

An estimated land area of 1500m² is needed to build one home. However, this can vary from 1500m² - 3000m² depending on the district council managing your lands.

To confirm the minimum requirement for your block, please contact the district council that is relevant to your block.

The court can play a role in mediating between owners, ensuring that a majority landowner doesn't occupy or utilise the highest value land to the detriment of owners with smaller entitlements. Likewise, we ensure the expectations of owners with smaller entitlements aren't unreasonable.