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Please fill in the form.

  1. I am authorised to act as the applicant for the purpose of the aquatic event and all the information supplied is true and correct. 
  2. I understand that if any detail is found to be incorrect, the aquatic event may be cancelled without notice.
  3. As the applicant for the aquatic event, I will implement strategies to alleviate all risks associated with the aquatic event and that Bay of Plenty Regional Council is indemnified and released from all liability in this regard.
  4. I agree the aquatic event will be run in accordance with all conditions imposed by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.
  5. I agree I will pay, on invoice, all costs incurred for the Public Notifications requirements of this application. I have been made aware through discussions with the Council, the approximate cost of notification.
  6. I acknowledge that, if in the opinion of the Harbour Master (or representative), the event is not managed safely, the Harbour Master (or representative) may cancel the event at any stage, and the Council will not have any liability for any losses incurred by the event organiser or competitors/participants as a result of any cancellation.
  7. The information I have supplied may be available to any person who enquires in accordance with the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 and the Privacy Act 1993.

Yes, I declare that as an applicant, or on behalf of the corporate body applicant, the following is true and correct.