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What is the Kaituna River Document?

The Kaituna River Document aims to promote the restoration, protection and enhancement of the well-being of the Kaituna River and its tributaries.

The document contains eight proposed objectives and 21 proposed desired outcomes, which build on the collaborative direction and focussed work achieved by the Kaituna River and Ōngātoro/Maketū Estuary Strategy (2009).

Why is a document being created?

We are committed to ensuring the Kaituna River and its tributaries are protected for future generations, and this document continues the journey started by the Kaituna River Strategy, ensuring future success.

The Tapuika Claims Settlement Act 2014 is the empowering legislation that establishes Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority and provides for the preparation of the Kaituna River Document. 

Has the document been finalised?

No, the current document is only a proposed version. We need your input into the final version. Have your say on what will be contained in the final Kaituna River Document by making a formal submission.

When are submissions open? 

A public submission period was open from 27 May – 24 July 2017. Hearings will take place on the 11th and 15th August at the Te Puke War Memorial Hall.

How does the River document influence future planning?

Once the River Document is approved, the vision, objectives and desired outcomes in the document must be recognised and provided for when changing the Regional Policy Statement, as well as the regional and district plans under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Until this occurs, councils must have regard to the vision, objectives and desired outcomes when considering applications for resource consents within the catchment.

Councils must also take into account relevant parts of the document when making decisions under the Local Government Act 2002.

What does it mean for me?

If you live in the Kaituna River catchment, the Kaituna River Document will have an impact on you.

The proposed vision for the Kaituna River and its tributaries is for the river to be in a healthy state, protected for current and future generations. The eight proposed objectives and 21 proposed desired outcomes have been designed to make a positive difference to the well-being of the river and to focus local authorities, iwi and community groups’ efforts over the next 10 years to help care for land, water and wildlife in the catchment. 

In the future, council planning documents will recognise and provide for the provisions of the river document, which could mean changing the way we do things to take better care of our river.

Will this have a future impact on the way I use my land?

Depending on the approved vision, objectives and desired outcomes for the Kaituna River Document, it is likely that the Document will result in changes to the regional policy statement and regional/district plans. Any future changes to rules in these plans, which may directly affect the way you use your land, will follow a separate consultation process under the Resource Management Act 1991.