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Rangitaiki River Forum - About Us

Latest News - Te Ara Whanui o Rangitaiki - Pathways of the Rangitaiki

The Rangitaiki River Forum approved Te Ara Whanui o Rangitaiki - Pathways of the Rangitaiki (19MB, pdf) on 16 December 2014. Read the full media release about the Forum's decision and the election of a new Chair of the Forum.

The Rangitaiki River Document is all about our aspirations for the River and ensuring a healthy River for the benefit of present and future generations.

Watch a video of interviews from the Rangitaiki River Festival


About the Forum

The Rangitaiki River Forum was formed in May 2012 by law to protect and enhance the mauri (life-giving capacity) of the Rangitaiki River and its tributaries.

The Forum is a partnership made up of representatives from Ngati Whare, Ngati Manawa, Ngati Awa, Hineuru,Ngati Tuwharetoa (Bay of Plenty), as well as elected members from Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Taupo District Council and Whakatane District Council.

These partners are working together to set the direction of how we look after the Rangitaiki River.

Rangitaiki River Forum Organisational Structure

The treaty settlements of Ngati Whare and Ngati Manawa created two pieces of legislation:

These Acts of Parliament established the Rangitaiki River Forum. 

Visit the Rangitaiki River Forum page for the Forum's Terms of Reference, meeting agendas and minutes. 

For any enquiries about the Forum's work, please contact the Rangitaiki Forum Strategic Advisor on 0800 884 880 or

Role and functions

The principal function of the Forum is to make sure the health and wellbeing of the Rangitaiki River is protected and enhanced for now and for the future. 

The graph explains the purpose (why we are here), the aim (what we want) and how the Forum will achieve that (What does the Rangitaiki River Forum do).

 What Does The Rangitaiki River Forum Do


The Forum has the role to map out a future of the Rangitaiki River. 

One of the tools to do so is to lay out a vision, desired outcomes and objectives for the River in a “River Document”, which is to guide how we manage resources and conservation areas. 

The Forum is supported by Bay of Plenty Regional Council.