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Representation Review

Initial proposal for representation arrangements for the 2019 Bay of Plenty Regional Council local elections

On 10 May 2018 the Bay of Plenty Regional Council reviewed its representation arrangements, and resolved that the following representation apply, for the Council elections to be held on 12 October 2019:

Proposed Representation

It is proposed that the Council comprise 14 members with 3 Maori members elected from three Maori Constituencies and 11 General members elected from four General Constituencies, this being no change to the current representation arrangement.

Summary of proposed representation arrangements

Maori Constituencies Members
Mauao 1
Kohi 1
Okurei 1
General Constituencies Members
Western Bay of Plenty 2
Tauranga 5
Rotorua 2
Eastern Bay of Plenty 2

Bay of Plenty Region Consituency Maps

Mauao 1.5MB
Kohi 1.8MB
Okurei 1.7MB
Western Bay of Plenty 1.5MB
Tauranga 1.5MB
Rotorua 1.8MB
Eastern Bay of Plenty 1.8MB


Initial Proposal Public Notice 24KB

Additional information on how Council arrived at its initial proposal

Council report on Representation Review Initial Proposal 63KB
Initial Discussion Paper 6.9MB


Four submissions were received on proposal and considered by Council at its meeting on 2 August 2018, see details on p.97 of the meeting agenda.


Councillors decided to maintain the status quo, see media release here>>.

The final proposal will now be publicly notified and subject to an appeal period.  The reasons for retaining the status quo and the Appeals process are in the Public Notice.

The final proposal will now be publicly notified and subject to an appeal period.  In adopting the status quo, Council noted the final proposal did not fully comply with the Local Electoral Act and therefore the matter will be referred to the Local Government Commission for a decision. 



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