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Updates and technical reports

Seven focus areas have been selected for the Invest Bay of Plenty Plan

Seven key themes have emerged from baseline data and local planning processes.

Phase two work on the Invest Bay of Plenty Plan will involve research focused on seven key areas that will inform a collective set of goals and priorities for the Bay of Plenty region.

The focus areas are:

  • Settlement patterns: Predicting and managing where people choose to live and work so that future needs for utilities and services, such as health and education, can be readily determined.
  • Employment: Projecting where there will be future labour shortages and surplus. This will assist industry, the tertiary sector and others to take advantage or respond to the labour market.
  • Infrastructure: Identifying regional priorities to help plan for and set sustainable levels of service.
  • Ageing: Gaining a more detailed understanding of how trends in spending, services demand and supply and other factors will change as a result of the aging demographic.
  • Māori Economy: Improving understanding of how Māori can and will use their assets to generate wealth for their people in the post-Treaty settlement environment
  • Environment: Predicting what natural resource limitations may affect future economic growth, and identifying opportunities to enhance the social and economic benefits of environmental enhancement work.
  • Lifestyle: Gaining greater understanding of migration drivers to better predict settlement and population change and how these can be influenced.

Read the latest Invest Bay of Plenty project update

Update 1, March 2014 (pdf, 687KB)

Read technical reports

Please note not all documents have been approved by all Councils.

Bay of Plenty situational analysis, BERL November 2013Reports

Bay of Plenty economic and employment scenarios, BERL and Martin Jenkins November 2013

  • Summary (pdf, 178KB)
  • Full report -  Bay of Plenty economic scenarios - exploring alternative futures, BERL (pdf, 1.7MB)    
  • Full report -  Bay of Connections sector strategy employment scenario, Martin Jenkins (pdf, 1.32MB)

Summary of Bay of Plenty Strategy Documents (pdf, 3.69MB)

2014 Review of Demographic and Labour Force Projections for the BOP Region 2013 to 2063, NIDEA April 2014

Ageing Trends and Transitions (2.98MB, pdf) 

Maori Migration (1.40MB, pdf)

Environment Report for Invest Bay of Plenty

Settlement Pattern Phase 1 - Internal Migration Patterns Map (191KB, pdf)

Settement Pattern Phase 1 - External Migration Patterns Map (386KB, pdf)

Infrastructure Analysis (2.94MB, pdf)

Settlement and Agglomeration Impacts (1.34MB, pdf)

Analysis of Bay of Plenty Employment and Skills (2.60MB, pdf)