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Invest Bay of Plenty - Our Place in the World

Invest Bay of Plenty (IBOP) is a future-focused, evidence-based spatial plan designed to take a region-wide view to challenges and opportunities across the Bay of Plenty. 

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Launched in mid-2013, the Bay of Plenty’s eight local authorities have been working together to explore and address the region’s identified future challenges and opportunities, and in doing so, creating a shared vision and collaborative voice.

Development of the plan is on hold while councils in the east (Whakatane, Kawerau and Opotiki) complete a plan for their sub-region; Rotorua Lakes Council completes its spatial plan and while BOPRC, itself, confirms its response to looming change.

Then (mid 2017) the councils will reconsider combining these plans into an omnibus document or whether they need to remain as independent documents.

What will the plan look like?

Ultimately, IBOP will offer a comprehensive, consistent evidence-based picture of the region, its assets and its needs as agreed by all TAs.

It will provide the information, evidence base and scale necessary to improve policy planning, future costs, funding and investment decisions across the region, as well as building on and integrating existing economic development strategies, work and actions.

Why is it needed?

Research into the Bay of Plenty environment, people and economy indicates that there are a number of issues facing the region that will have significant implications in the future if nothing is done.

The research has also highlighted what needs to change in order for an alternative future to be realised. Now is the perfect time to effect real change towards the best possible future.

IBOP helps to streamline processes and promote economic growth in the most productive sectors for the Bay of Plenty and identifies the region’s most significant areas in which work is needed. It also enables individual councils and agencies to respond to challenges in their own way, while still working towards common regional goals.

IBOP will help facilitate better decision-making about investment in business and infrastructure, support strategic and long-term planning and assist with promotion of the Bay of Plenty as a place of first choice to live, work, do business and invest in.

IBOP also builds on and complements the sub-regional plans and other collaborative work already underway by local authorities, iwi and economic development organisations in the Bay of Plenty. By integrating this work, the region will be better placed to take advantage of the resources and opportunities that exist within the wider national context.

What is Invest Bay of Plenty’s vision?

The vision of IBOP that has been crafted after 12 months of research, analysis and discussions, includes:

  • Strong regional leadership
  • One voice for collaboration and collective action
  • A regional focus to leverage the best opportunities by investing in the right locations and projects

How does it affect you?

Since mid-2013, the Bay of Plenty councils have been working together through IBOP research, to develop a shared vision, priorities and goals for the region as a whole. They have now each taken this research and are developing their own responses to it. Note, the western Bay of Plenty councils (Tauranga City Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council) had already completed their own plan - SmartGrowth.

The vision is to create a strong, vibrant region for the good of our communities.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about IBOP and its research base, the full reports and summary documents can be found here

For more information about the Invest Bay of Plenty project please contact:

James Low – Project Manager, Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Ph: 0800 884 880

You can also find out more about the local spatial plans:

SmartGrowth/Western Bay – view the website 

Eastern Bay – contact Ruth Feist, Ōpōtiki, Kawerau, Whakatāne Eastern Bay Spatial Plan Project Manager, Bay of Plenty Regional Council.  Ph: 0800 884 880

Rotorua – view the website