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Broadband initiatives

Broadband Services in the Bay of Plenty - A Template for Infrastructure Development

Bay of Plenty councils have developed a guide for communities, organisations and businesses to get better broadband, to coincide with the release of the government's ultra fast broadband and rural broadband initiatives.

The new guide identifies the technologies available and suggests ways to work with telecommunication providers to get better broadband services to their businesses, schools and communities.

Business Case Study

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has carried out a business case study that looks at how councils can improve capability and accessibility to broadband services in the Bay of Plenty. The study was carried out in association with the region's city and district councils, economic development agencies and industry representatives.

Councils can refer to the study when making decisions about any possible future involvement in broadband and associated services. The study can be used to suggest changes to policy documents, or for reviewing codes of practice for certain developments as indirect actions that councils could do.

Bay of Plenty Councils Broadband Business Case Study

Description Size Type
Milestone 1 - Broadband definition 916KB pdf
Milestone 2 - Architecture 1.28MB pdf
Milestone 3 - Options open to council to stimulate investment 598KB, pdf
Milestone 4 - Funding investigation 425KB pdf
Milestone 5 - Customer connection 721KB pdf
Milestone 6 - Service providers 633KB pdf
Milestone 7 - Operational 710KB pdf
Milestone 8 - Sample costing 333KB pdf
Milestone 9 - MUSH network design 729KB pdf
Milestone 10 - Network partners 971KB pdf
Milestone 11 - Benefits/Synergies of core (MUSH) networks and broadband access networks 611KB pdf
Milestone 12 - Legislation review 412KB pdf
Milestone 13 - Resource Management Act review 666KB pdf
Milestone 14 - Code of practice review 719KB pdf
Milestone 15 - Final report 1.56MB pdf
Funding Models - WiMax wireless spectrum & Core network 888KB pdf
Spectrum auction review 858KB pdf
Radio spectrum auction summary 662KB pdf
Summary of conclusions 25KB pdf
Summary report 180KB pdf