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Bay of Plenty Regional Council will consider applications for sponsorship and match them against certain criteria to assess each application:

  • The applicants will have a credible track record of completing activities and will have a sound reputation;
  • The applicants will reside within the Bay of Plenty;
  • The activity will be directly relevant in the Bay of Plenty;
  • The activity will contribute to Regional Community Outcomes supported by Bay of Plenty Regional Council as listed in the Ten Year Plan 2012-2022;
  • No application will receive more than $2000 for any single activity;
  • No applicant will receive more than $2500 in one financial year;
  • The applicant will agree to acknowledge Bay of Plenty Regional Council in all media statements, advertising and promotion surrounding the sponsored activity;
  • Councillors and staff of Bay of Plenty Regional Council will be invited to participate for no cost in the activity where this is appropriate; and
  • Successful applicants will provide a simple evaluation which will include details of attendance numbers, media coverage, a summary of what happened, how it was promoted, the outcomes and the use of the money of the sponsored event or activity.

Please contact us for more information.