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Coast Care

What is Coast Care?

Coast Care Bay of Plenty is a community partnership programme, which uses local knowledge and enthusiasm to restore the form and function of the dunes in the Bay of Plenty.

Coast Care Brochures and Newsletter

Full of helpful information, these brochures cover everything from what type of plants are best for coastal areas to ways to protect our dunes. The latest newsletter provides up-to-date information on events and progress.

Coast Care Events

Find out what's happening near where you live and get involved!

Coast Care Restoration

Coast Care Bay of Plenty works to restore our natural coastal environment in the Bay of Plenty. Listed below are some examples of the work that has gone into our region showing how the planting of native sand binding plants onto the dunes can improve the buffer between the land and the sea.

Coast Care Groups

Find out where the Coast Care Groups are in the Bay of Plenty.

What can you do?

Follow these six simple steps to reduce your impact on the dunes.

Life's a Beach Education Resource

'Life's a Beach" is a coastal education resource kit which provides learning activities about the beach environment - the sea, beach, sand dunes, dune vegetation and reserve areas. The resource covers a wide range of curriculum areas with an emphasis on science and social science. The activities contained in the resource can be used (or adapted for use) for levels two - eight.

Life's a Beach is freely available to download for all education providers to use within their teaching programmes as a way to develop the ability of individuals and the community to take action towards sustainability.

Coast Care and Climate Change

Find out why protecting and restoring our coastal dunes is important in the changing climate.

Coast Care rabbit control

Find out what is happening with rabbit control in the Bay of Plenty.

Contact Us

The Coast Care team can be contacted by email at or by calling us on 0800 884 880.