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Care Groups

Care Groups are organised community groups which work to protect and enhance a local area of environmental importance. The focus can be coastal, estuary, steam/lake, and/or pest control. Each year, we support Care Groups with funding, as well as offering technical advice and support.

Your group's work could involve coastal dune restoration, wetland and estuary management, stream/lake margin management, catchment management, and/or control of pest plants and animals. Often one issue, such as mangroves in an estuary or acacia on the coast, focuses initial community attention on the health of the natural environment.

Your group's work could be on public or private land.

If your group has sound enviromental objectives and commitment, we'll register it as a Care Group. This gives you access to your resources and support, which may include helping your group to get started, project planning and management, offering technical advice, providing materials, helping with fliers and communications, and lending equipment for your work.

In accepting support, your Care Group agrees to plan and complete the work. You need to be sure your community has a core group to see the project through.

Care Group Handbook, Forms and Templates

We’re here to help care groups, whether they are just starting out or if they are well established. Check out our Care Group Handbook for useful hints and tips or contact a land management officer by calling 0800 884 880 for practical assistance and funding advice.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Care group handbook (pdf, 1.27MB)

Care Group Registration Form (doc, 670KB)

Care Group Annual Plan Form (doc, 675KB)

Care Group Project Plan Form (doc, 711KB)

Care Group Activity Planning Checklist (doc, 674KB)

Care Groups Activity Work Record Form (doc, 675KB)

Coast Care

Coast Care Bay of Plenty is a community partnership programme, which uses local knowledge and enthusiasm to restore the form and function of the dunes in the Bay of Plenty.

Estuary Care

Estuary Care groups have formed to maintain estuary values such as open water, clean and clear water, abundant fish and shellfish, estuary margins free of plant and animal pests and rubbish, and to protect native estuarine and bird habitats in their estuaries.

There are twelve groups around Tauranga Harbour and two around Ohiwa Harbour.

Contact our Tauranga Coastal Land Management Officer by calling 0800 884 880 for details about your local Estuary Care Group.

Land Care

Land owners are responsible for land management on their property. Often a group of neighbours or people with similar interests form land or stream care groups to develop and carry out specific projects or to look after a specific area. Support may be available from various agencies such as the Regional Council, city and district councils, NZ Landcare Trust. 


Weedbusters is about working together to reduce the threat of weeds to New Zealand's natural environment.

Volunteering - help us restore our natural world

Volunteering is an option if you are interested in looking after our environment and don't already belong to a care group. As well as coast care and estuary care groups, there are a number of other environmental and conservation volunteer projects in the Bay of Plenty.

See upcoming volunteer events.

Click here to check out some volunteer projects available in the western Bay of Plenty (pdf, 566KB).