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Teacher Resources

Bay of Plenty Regional Council produces a variety of teaching resources available for different class levels. The resources are linked to the New Zealand Curriculum and feature Bay of Plenty case studies. If you would like to find out more about the teaching resources available, please contact Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

Air Quality logoAir quality education resources

This page of resources and links is provided as a suggestion for teachers studying air quality and pollution.

Energy Resource Energy resource

 The Energy Resource helps teachers enable students to increase their knowledge of energy  sources and the impact these have on the environment.


LEARNZ LEARNZ on-line virtual field trips - Geohazards

 A guided trip to the Bay of Plenty - from the safety of your classroom! Experts will take you  to remote locations to help you better understand what causes natural disasters such as  tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides, and how we can manage the risk.


LEARNZ LEARNZ on-line virtual field trips - Harbours and Estuaries

 Journey with your class to the eastern Bay of Plenty to explore the historical richness and  biodiversity of Ōhiwa Harbour. This trip will enable your students to make comparisons with  other coastal areas. They will see the coastal environment through a different set of eyes as  they realise the part we can all play in looking after these valuable places.

Beach Logo Life's a Beach

 Life's a beach is a coastal management kit for schools. It provides learning activities about  the beach environment - the sea, the beach, sand dunes, dune vegetation and reserve areas.


Oil Spill Oil spill education resources

 This page of resources and links is provided as a suggestion only for schools studying the  Rena oil spill.


Pest Animal Pest animal and plant resources

 This page of resources and links is provided as a suggestion for schools studying pest  animals and plants.



 The Regional Environmental Education Forum (or REEF) is the Bay of Plenty branch of  the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education. REEF is a network of people  working in or interested in environmental education.

Resources Rotorua Lakes education resource

 The Rotorua Lakes Education Resource will help you to enable your students to increase their  knowledge and understanding of the Rotorua lakes region and encourage action 'for' the  environment.


SmartGrowth Logo SmartGrowth education resource

 The SmartGrowth Education Resource provides learning activities about managing growth  targeting geography achievement standards level 6-8 and social studies level 5.

Wairoa Healthy Water Waiora (Healthy Water)

  Waiora - Healthy Water will help you explore the water around us, the water cycle, how we use   water, the impacts of water and land use on water quality and the health of your local stream.


Weedbusters Weedbusters

 Weedbusters is an integrated teaching resource for primary schools. The emphasis  throughout the resource is to increase students' knowledge and  understanding of pest  plants. It also encourages action 'for' the environment by enabling students to take part in  projects and activities that help manage  and control weeds.