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On Site Effluent Systems (OSET)

Domestic wastewater disposal


In many parts of the Bay of Plenty, communities have been provided with sewers or reticulated wastewater systems. Where a sewer is available, then you must connect. This is subject to the provisions of the Local Government Act 1974 section 459. Your District Council or City Council should be able to advise you if your area has been or is scheduled for reticulation. There are maps of some areas where reticulation has been provided in the OSET Plan.

On-site Effluent Treatment Systems

Where no sewer is available you will need to provide an on site system which has been designed and constructed in accordance with the On-site Effluent Treatment Regional Plan. The purpose of the OSET Plan is to ensure that wastewater is discharged safely and that the effects are managed.

To ensure the wastewater system is properly designed we have developed a Training Course for System Designers.

There is a list of system designers.

The systems must have been tested and approved.

If you are building a new home that will utilise on site systems, this will be approved as part of the Building consent process.

Some areas within the Bay of Plenty region, where there is evidence the environment is being adverse affected, have been deemed Maintenance Zones. If your property is within a Maintenance Zone there are some particular requirements.

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