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Boaties reminded to know the rules

Thursday, 17 December 2015 10:00 a.m.

As the days start to heat up, boaties are being reminded to check their boat, prepare their gear and make sure they know the rules before heading out on the water this summer.

This reminder comes from Bay of Plenty Harbourmaster Peter Buell who heads the Regional Council’s Maritime Team. Mr Buell said that his team help to keep waterways free of navigational hazards and safe for everyone to enjoy.  Each summer they are supported by a very capable team of Harbour Wardens and Advisors. 

“Every summer thousands of people flock to Bay of Plenty’s fantastic beaches, rivers and lakes. With so many people and vessels sharing the water it’s crucial that boaties have checked their boat and made sure their gear is in good working order. It’s important they know the rules so they can share the water safely. Safety on the water is no accident and ignorance of the rules will not be tolerated as an excuse” said Mr Buell.

This summer the Maritime team will be easier to see on the water, with all patrol boats clearly marked with new decals.  

“Remember our wardens know their stuff – so if you have any questions, want safe boating advice or need local boating information please ask them” said Mr Buell.

Boaties are also encouraged to visit or pop in to their local Regional Council office to collect a “Boating in the Bay of Plenty” booklet. It’s a free new publication that captures local rules, safety tips and other handy boating information.

Mr Buell’s top tips for safe boating this summer are:

  • ‘Lifejacket’s are for life’ - get it on or it’s no good.
  • Skippers need to check their boats and equipment before hitting the water. The skipper is legally responsible for the safety of the boat and all the people on board, and is also responsible for complying with all the relevant rules and regulations.
  • Always check the marine weather forecast before going out on the water. If in doubt, don’t go out.
  • Always carry two waterproof ways to call for help like a VHF radio and cell phone in a waterproof bag.

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Harbourmasters on water