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Farm consultant - how to farm green but stay in the black

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 10:00 a.m.

A leading farm consultant will share her knowledge and expertise on how to farm sustainably at a Rotorua public science forum on Thursday.

Agribusiness Headlands consultant Dr Alison Dewes is one of the speakers at Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes Programme’s Science Evening outlining research in farming environmentally and economically.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is hosting the science discussion in association with the University of Waikato, Regional Council Lake Operations Manager Andy Bruere said.

“We’re excited to have Dr Dewes present at the Science Evening, given her experience in sustainable farming practices.” 

“Dr Dewes is a fourth generation farmer and has dairy farmed in both New Zealand and Australia for 25 years. She has submitted Master of Science in freshwater ecology, policy and nutrient management in agriculture, and is also involved in Sustainable Land Use advice with Raukawa Charitable Trust.”

US Geological Survey Hydrologist Dr Dale Robertson will also be speaking at the science evening. He has studied and modelled the effects of nutrients in American lakes.

University Chair in Lake Management and Restoration Professor David Hamilton said he had collaborated with Dr Robertson on water quality projects in Western Australia and in Madison, Wisconsin. 

“Lake Delavan has many similarities to Lake Rotorua, but a longer history of remediation procedures. It has had similar problems of wastewater inputs to the lake and elevated nutrient loads that resulted in declining water quality over the years,” Professor Hamilton said.

The free science evening will be held at the Holiday Inn, Tyron Street, Rotorua starting at 6pm. Register online on the Rotorua Lakes website or call Hariata Ngatai 0800 884 881 ext 7445.


Research topics and presenters:

The Importance of Biological Interactions in the Long-term Rehabilitation of Delavan Lake, Wisconsin, USA
Dr Dale Robertson, U.S Geological Survey

Making farming sustainable economically and environmentally
Dr Alison Dewes, Headlands, Waikato

Koura and Kakahi monitoring for Ohau Diversion Wall.
Ian Kusabs

Cultural Health project
Alisatair Suren and Wally Lee

Koaro Restoration Project at Hamurana
Gina Mohi and Rikihana Hancock

Lake Tarawera Calm Lake