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Bay of Plenty Regional Council accepts Resource Consent

Monday, 9 June 2014 1:00 p.m.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council today announced it has accepted a Resource Consent Application from the Astrolabe Community Trust and will publically notify the Resource Consent Process within five working days, meaning the public will have the opportunity to make submissions on the Application from Friday 13 June.

Deputy Chief Executive of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Eddie Grogan, said today that the Council has established a standalone website to provide all interested people with information on the process, including the Application itself.

“The role of the Regional Council in this process is to receive any application for a resource consent and facilitate submissions by all interested members of the public, including iwi, community and interest groups, local government organisations and the residents of all affected communities.  At this time we have no preferred position on the future of the wreck and we are keen to hear the views of everyone with an interest in the Rena,” Mr Grogan said.

“Bay of Plenty Regional Council will now go through the process of publically notifying the Application and this means that on Friday 13 June we will be calling for submissions.

“Due to the importance of this process to the people of the Bay of Plenty we have decided to double the normal period for submissions from 20 working days to 40 working days.  This means people will have until Friday 8 August to file their submissions,” Mr Grogan said.

The Owner of the Rena has indicated it intends to request that the application is directly referred to the Environment Court and if that occurs, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council will still receive submissions and will assist the Environment Court in its considerations.

Mr Grogan said the website  has been established to provide information on the resource consent process and to guide those interested through the process if they wish to make a submission.

“The Council’s objective is to be an open, transparent and excellent source of quality information to people interested in the resource consent process,” Mr Grogan said.

For further information please contact Sue-Ellen Craig, 027-7770298

Rena Consent Process and Timeframe


 Stage and tasks Statutory Time Frames
 Application lodged 30 May 2014
 Application is reviewed for completeness  
 Application is accepted as complete 9 June 2014
 Application publically notified 13 June 2014
 Close of submission period 8 August 2014 (40 working days for submissions)
 Applicant may lodge request to Directly Refer
 the application to the Environment Court
15 August 2014 (5 working days from close of submissions)
 Council to make decision on Direct Referral
 request and notify the applicant
5 September 2014 (Within 15 working days of receiving the request for Direct Referral)
 Council to notify the submitters on decision of
 Direct Referral process
As soon as possible
 Council to prepare a report on the application
 and provide it to the applicant
3 October 2014 (Must be completed and provided to the applicant within 20 working days of the Council’s decision to accept the request for Direct Referral.)
 Council report circulted to submitters  As soon as possible
 Applicant to lodge Notice of Motion and Affidavit
 to the Environment Court
17 October 2014 (Applicant must lodge Notice of Motion within 10 working days of receipt of Council report 


For additional information online

The website has been established to provide information on the resource consent process and to guide those interested through the process if they wish to make a submission

The owners of the MV Rena have a website that provides updates on the status of the wreck and salvage operations –

There is a website which provides information on the background to the grounding and the subsequent clean-up ­–

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