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Mount surf reef removal complete

Tuesday, 9 December 2014 10:00 a.m.

The Mount Maunganui surf reef has now been partially removed, and the seabed has begun to return to its natural level.

A final report from the company undertaking the work, Underwater Solutions Ltd, says the seabed has been about 80 percent levelled, but there were still depressions and humps where the bags had been removed. Once some decent swells had moved through the area it should level out.

Removal of the reef started in late September, with contractors cutting open the large bags on the seabed and releasing the sand inside. The large bags, weighing several tonnes, were removed by barge, Bay of Plenty Regional Council Senior Pollution Prevention Officer John Morris said.

During the final inspection some lower bags had been slightly exposed by sand scouring around the bags with wave action. Some of the lower bags were cut open to allow them to deflate but remain on the seabed, and once the seabed levelled out they should be covered over.

“The contractors will now leave the site for three to six months before inspecting it again,” Mr Morris said.

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