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Bayhopper changes mean greater access for Tauranga passengers

Tuesday, 9 December 2014 10:00 a.m.

Users of Tauranga’s Bayhopper bus network are being asked to check their routes before they travel from Monday 15 December, with changes planned for six routes.

Changes to routes 1, 30, 33, 36, 62 and 70 will take place – consisting of either route or timetable changes, or both.

In addition, a new route to service The Lakes, Route 52, will be launched.

Lyall Thurston, Regional Councillor and Chairman of the Public Transport Subcommittee said the improvements to the routes were identified through the annual review of the Tauranga network.

“As well as helping us ensure the network runs smoothly and as efficiently as it can, the changes have also allowed us to increase the area covered by the Bayhopper network where there has been recent growth, including Pāpāmoa East and The Lakes in Tauranga South,” Mr Thurston said.

“Other changes to the timetables mean the services line up better with school start and finish times, such as with Route 1 and Route 62. Overall, we hope the changes mean more people are encouraged to use the buses to get around the city – and that they find it easier to do so.”

To get up to date information about the changes, people should visit where they can download maps and new timetables or call 0800 4 BAYBUS (0800 4 229 28). New timetables are also available on Bayhopper buses.

The changes

Route 1: Will now service Aquinas College twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon), during the school term. Minor change to timetable with bus leaving Mount Hot Pools at 2.40 pm (instead of 2.50 pm).

Route 30: Will travel along Gloucester Road and Lotus Ave (removed from Grenada Street). Route will also now travel along Doncaster Drive, Tara Road and Parton Road (removed from Opal Drive and Dickson Road).

Route 33: Will travel along Golden Sands Drive, Wairakei Avenue, Emerald Shores Drive and onto Papamoa Beach Road (removed from Karewa Parade). One Bayfair stop arrival time from the CBD has been made two minutes earlier and will now arrive at 7.08 am. 

During school terms only, the bus that departs Papamoa at 7.05 am and arrives in the CBD at 7.55 am will go onto 15th Avenue arriving at 8.05 am, (to service the Tauranga Boys’ and Tauranga Girls’ Colleges).

Route 36: Major route change for Pāpāmoa East portion of the route – except for the first two buses in the morning, Monday to Friday which will continue on the existing route.

Route will no longer service Papamoa East and no longer travel along Opal Road, Dickson Road, Parton Road, Papamoa Beach Road or Karewa Parade. Will instead travel along Doncaster Drive to the Tara Road intersection where it will turn around.

The first two buses in the morning Monday to Friday will still travel to Karewa Parade via Opal Road, Dickson Road, Parton Road, Papamoa Beach Road and onto Karewa Parade.

The bus that previously left the CBD at 3.23 pm will now leave at 3.28 pm to accommodate Gate Pa students after school.

Route 52: This new service will travel from Chadwick Road, along Cameron Road, SH29, SH36, Lakes Boulevard, returning along Lakes Boulevard, Lakeview Quay, Landing Drive, SH36, SH29 and Cameron Road to Chadwick Road.

Route 62: The entire service will run 10 minutes earlier.

Route 70: The first two morning buses will now leave Cherrywood at 6.55 am (instead of 7.04 am) and 7.10 am (instead of 7.19 am).

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