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Tauranga boys win 2013 Mashup Challenge

Thursday, 18 April 2013 1:00 p.m.

The Equinox team from Tauranga Boys’ College has won this year’s TrustPower Mashup competition held over the weekend at the Bongard Centre.

The competition was sponsored by TrustPower, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Avonmore, Cucumber, Technology Wise and Bay of Plenty Polytechnic.

The team worked on a business scenario that challenged them to combine the best IT, business planning and marketing skills to attract more students to study at Avonmore in Tauranga. The boys, Dominic Panettiere, William Cleland, Duncan De Wet and Samuel Keast, proposed to integrate the use of real stories from past students, live chats with mentors, Google maps and course information on an application that would work on different devices.

Judges were impressed with the students’ ability to deal with the technical challenge and produce a well-designed, functional response to the business challenge. The boys scored consistently across all judging criteria of planning, coding, design, implementation and their four-minute presentation. Equinox also won the Best Technical Mashup prize.

Competition organiser Bruce Fraser said that all nine teams in the competition worked hard over both days of the competition. The teams, from Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane, all grappled with the various business scenarios presented to them and were able to call on help from experienced mentors from the IT and business world.

Full results

  • TrustPower Best Mashup: Equinox, Tauranga Boys' College
  • Bay of Plenty Regional Council Best Technical Mashup: Equinox, Tauranga Boys' College
  • Cucumber Best Mashup teamwork: Trident Mash, Trident High School
  • Avonmore Best Business Model: Whakamashers 1, Whakatane High School
  • Technology Wise Best User Experience: Cerberus, Mount Maunganui College
  • BOP Polytechnic Best Presented Mashup: Fluffy Muffins Tax Evaders, Mount Maunganui College

Photo: Winners of the winning team at work on their project (KUTZphotography)

Mashup contestants