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Help on hand for land owners affected by wild weather

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 11:00 a.m.

The recent heavy rain has brought a welcome respite from the prolonged drought for many land owners. However the amount of rain, coupled with the ultra-dry state of much of the western Bay’s soil, caused flooding and heightened river and stream levels.

Land Management Manager Western Robyn Skelton says the wild weather has brought some of the worst flooding the western Bay has seen in a number of years.

“The large amount of rainfall we’ve seen in the western Bay over the past few days is causing significant issues for some land owners. We certainly needed a good rainfall, but because it has fallen heavily over such a short period of time, it is putting pressure on drainage systems and the rivers are also very full which is causing damage to banks, as well as flooding the river flood zones.

“While most of the water is likely to drain in the following days, many land owners will be facing erosion damage and other possible issues like trees that have fallen into waterways.”

The Regional Council is available to provide advice, support and in some instances funding for riparian management work.

The Regional Council suggests land owners:
- Inspect waterways to see if there are any issues or blockages
- Check that fences along stream and river banks were still in place and keeping stock out of the water
- Avoid driving over paddocks or harvesting crops under wet conditions
- Keep stock out of ephemeral gully areas during heavy rain.

For more information speak to a Land Management Officer by phoning 0800 884 880.


Stream bank erosion