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RENA update from Maritime NZ (218)

Monday, 30 January 2012 10:30 a.m.

Below is the latest update from Maritime New Zealand on the Rena response effort.


  • Salvors today plan to remove two 20 empty foot stock feed containers from the port side of the bow section using the crane barge Smit Borneo
  • The Smit Borneo will be repositioned during the day to the stern of the Rena.
  • The McDermott heavy lift helicopter is being readied for container removal operations and will focus on removing damaged containers and debris from Bay 12, Row 12 and Bay 86
  • 55 large bags of milk powder were yesterday (29/1) transferred via helicopter to the barge ST 60
  • Steverdores cut up containers from various bays on Rena yesterday, which were removed by helicopter
  • Platforms for emergency winching operations have been installed on the forward section of Rena
  • An increase in movement in the forward section of Rena has been detected.
  • The weather forecast for this week is currently favourable, with an easterly breeze and 0.4m swell at present


Container and debris recovery 

  • Various vessels continue to recover debris and containers from various locations, with 65 containers recovered from the water
  • The debris of 9 containers has been recovered from Matakana Island, with the remains of 3 more to be collected
  • A total of 463 containers have been received directly from Rena for processing at the port. 


Oil spill response/wildlife 

  • This morning's overflight of Rena detected some black oil in the water within the confines of the wreck between the separated sections of the vessel. Salvors will mop up this oil as operations allow.
  • Responders remain ready to deal with any further releases of oil, with the bulk of clean up operations due to resume tomorrow
  • There was a further successful release of little blue penguins today.


Rena and Smit Borneo - sunrise 24 January 2012