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RENA update from Maritime NZ (223)

Friday, 17 February 2012 12:00 p.m.


  • Good progress is currently being made by salvors in removing containers and debris from Rena. Fifteen containers (8 yesterday and 7 on Wednesday) have been removed from the aft section of Rena.
  • One refrigerated container which had earlier been cut up has been discharged on to the ST60
  • The crane barge Smit Borneo is positioned off the port side of Rena, secured with wire ropes.
  • Work has been continuing this week on removing containers from the aft section of Rena. Salvors have also removed the last two refrigerated containers from the forward section of Rena.
  • Helicopter operations, removing cut up pieces of containers, are continuing.
  • Dive operations will continue around the submerged stern section of the wreck.
  • There are currently north east winds of around 15 knots out at the Astrolabe Reef - these are forecast to reduce through today and tomorrow. 

Container and debris recovery

  • In total, 514 containers have been recovered from Rena by salvors and processed ashore by Braemar Howells. A further 70 containers have been recovered from land and sea by Braemar Howells teams, making the total ashore now 584.
  • A Braemar Howells recovery team is removing the last of the steel container pieces from Bowentown today.
  • 70 bags of fish product have been brought ashore from Rena and will be taken to the Waikato Landfill for disposal.
  • More wood is being lifted fromMatakanaIslandvia helicopter today.
  • Two vessels are continuing sonar sweeps of the sea floor for missing containers. 

Oil spill response

  • Oil spill response clean-up teams are working on Matakana Island and Mount Maunganui today. National On Scene Commander Mick Courtnell said only one shelly beach area on the Mount still required cleaning.
  • A clean-up operation will begin on Motiti Island on Monday - an oil spill response team of 16 will be deployed early Monday morning to work through to the following Saturday.
  • Seven penguins were released near Motiti Island today - these penguins will be observed today and tomorrow and then the wildlife team onMotitiIslandwill leave the island.
Rena 27 January