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Regional Council gets Bike Wise

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 11:30 a.m.

In an effort to save time and money, while minimising environmental impacts and creating a healthier workforce, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council staff are getting bike wise. 

Since October 2011 staff have been using three electric pushbikes, called Wisper bikes, to travel short distances where previously they would have driven cars.

Group Manager for Corporate Services, Brian Trott said the bikes rely on pedal power and a rechargeable battery to run the quiet electric motor.

"So far we have clocked up more than 900 kilometres by using the bikes to make deliveries or travel to meetings and other appointments," Mr Trott said.

"By using the Wisper bikes instead of having a single person making short trips in a car, we are reducing the amount of carbon dioxide polluting our environment.

"The bikes also have a positive effect on our bottom line - with a direct saving of $2800 in vehicle costs to date and more savings still to be made - so we think that represents great value for our community," he said. 

The Wisper bikes and the required safety equipment are based in Regional Council's offices in Whakatāne, Rotorua and Tauranga.  Staff using the bikes for the first time receive training on how to use them safely. 

Mr Trott said the Wisper bikes have been welcomed by staff looking for more sustainable transport options. 

"Getting out for some passive exercise and fresh air when working is a great way for our office-based staff to keep physically and mentally fit," he said.

"Since getting the electric Wisper bikes, it's been Bike Wise month every month for Regional Council!" 

Grab an events calendar from your local bike shop, library or Sport Bay of Plenty office or go online to to find out what events are happening throughout February in the Bay of Plenty and register for the Bike Wise challenge. 


Wisper bike in action lowres