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Rena Exclusion Zone information

Friday, 31 August 2012 1:00 p.m.

North Island - East Coast - Tauranga - Astrolabe Reef - Exclusion Zone

1. Mariners are advised that a temporary Exclusion Zone has been set up around the stranded vessel M.V.Rena and Astrolabe Reef in the Bay of Plenty near the approaches to the Port of Tauranga, until further notice.

2. The Bay of Plenty Regional Harbourmaster has closed an area of sea within 2 NM of Astrolabe Reef centred on position 37° 32'.42S 176° 25'.73E.

3. The Harbourmaster has directed that no vessel, craft or person may access the area of sea within the above area unless authorised by:

  1. The Bay of Plenty Harbour Master or
  2. The salvage master for the M.V.Rena

4. This direction is made by the Harbourmaster pursuant to clauses 2.17.1 and 3.11 of the Bay of Plenty Regional Navigation Safety Bylaw 2010. Anyone breaching this direction commits an offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding $20,000: section 239(1) and 242(4) of the Local Government Act 2002.

5. A container corralling area, containing unlit buoys and floating ropes, has been established in the following location:

Motiti Island

a. 37° 37'.50S., 176° 24'.50E.
b. 37° 37'.50S., 176° 23'.30E.
c. 37° 39'.20S., 176° 23'.10E.
d. 37° 39'.20S., 176° 24'.30E.

Mariners are requested to remain clear of the above area.

 6. Submerged containers and/or debris ex-Rena are, as of 27 August 2012, located (with depths in metres) as follows:

  • 37°32.3509S 176°24.7036E 76m Container end
  • 37°32.4864S 176°25.0451E 76m Container wreck & contents
  • 37°32.9924S 176°25.2108E 72m 3x20'Containers
  • 37°32.9496S 176°25.6065E 75m 4x40'Containers
  • 37°33.0158S 176°25.8406E 76m 2x20'Containers
  • 37°34.7937S 176°25.7078E 59m 2xContainers locked
  • 37°34.7944S 176°25.7217E 60m 1xContainer
  • 37°34.5453S 176°25.6616E 62m Container, severe damage
  • 37°31.7749S 176°16.1724E 49m Container wreckage, base & side
  • 37°31.3877S 176°20.8551E 65m 1xContainer wreckage
  • 37°31.7346S 176°23.6020E 76m 1x20'Container
  • 37°30.3248S 176°18.9635E 66m 1x40' Container
  • 37°34.8507S 176°25.2594E 54m Container wreck
  • 37°31.9238S 176°24.7244E 75m Debris, waste bin
  • 37°33.4614S 176°23.8328E 63m Debris, steel 5m long
  • 37°32.7564S 176°25.7180E 75m 4x40' Containers, intact
  • 37°32.4608S 176°25.8194E 66m 4x40' Containers, intact
  • 37°32.4194S 176°25.7901E 69m 5x40' Containers, one loose
  • 37°32.3970S 176°25.7309E 37m Container frame members
  • 37°32.4688S 176°25.4890E 50m 1x40' Container, almost in half

These items may comprise a hazard to nets and other fishing equipment. All fishers are advised to keep clear of these areas.


Charts temporarily affected: NZ 54, NZ 534, NZ 541, NZ 542, NZ 5411, NZ 5413, NZ300541, NZ405411,