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Te Tumu Cut groyne recreation works complete

Wednesday, 22 June 2011 12:00 p.m.

Anglers are now equipped with better facilities and signs are that the community is really enjoying the new features of the Te Tumu Cut groyne structure, at Maketū.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council recently completed works to erect safety barriers and other modifications to make it suitable for recreational use. Along with the safety barriers, fishing rod holders, bait boards, picnic tables and a barbeque have been installed at the groyne structure.

The Council's decision to go ahead with the works followed an investigation into use of the Te Tumu Cut groyne structure. This came following an incident where a woman fell off the groyne and died earlier this year. 

Part of that investigation was a report which outlined several options for future use of the groyne ranging from full closure to making the structure suitable for recreation.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Environmental Hazards Group Manager Ken Tarboton said that the works had been carried out to a high standard by local contractors.

"Works commenced on 4 April 2011 and were completed on 10 May 2011 with no major issues encountered," Mr Tarboton said.

"There were some design variations and additions as the project progressed with the main items being two park benches and a barbeque added to complement the works."

Initial cost estimates to complete the works were $48,000 however they have been completed for only $20,656.

Mr Tarboton said the works were overseen by the Council's Engineering team.

"We carried out the work to make it suitable for recreational use with the best interest of the public in mind," Mr Tarboton said.

"The new features have been in place for a short time and the feedback we have received so far has been very positive."

A blessing for the structure was held today by Reverend Kotene Pihema and Reverend Brian Hamilton and was attended by members of the community.


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This photo was taken nearing the completion of the works. The Te Tumu cut groyne structure has been fitted with galvanised steel safety railings, fishing rod holders, bait boards, picnic tables and a barbeque.

Te Tumu Cut groyne works near complete highres