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RENA update from Maritime NZ (193)

Monday, 12 December 2011 10:30 a.m.

  • Weather continues to affect salvage operations, with no activity yesterday (Sunday) due to swell and wind conditions.
  • Weather today is marginal for safe operations, so container removal activity today is unlikely.
  • While container removal operations are suspended, salvors will focus on installing patches in the corridors of the wreck, to improve buoyancy.
  • 15 containers were removed from Rena by the crane barge Smit Borneo on Friday, with 13 removed on Saturday. A total of 195 containers have now been removed from the wreck.
  • A beach cleaning team is working today at Shark Alley/Leisure Island where some small amounts of oil have been seen, and the team will be working on the beach after every high tide.
  • Beach clean-up teams are working at Mōtītī on the north and western sides of the island. Clean-up teams are also working at Kulim and Fergusson Parks and Matakana Island.
  • Warm water rock washing is continuing at Mauāo.
  • No beach grooming will be done today because of the weather.
  • The weather forecast is for continuing showers and patchy rain, with heavier rain forecast for Wednesday.
  • Today's overflight of Rena shows a visible metallic of sheen of oil about 4.5 km long from the vessel, but there is no sign of weathered oil off Ōmanu.
  • A SCAT (Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Team) will be working on Maketū Spit today.
  • A total of 967 tonnes of solid waste has been collected so far, with 3.86 tonnes collected on Friday and Saturday.
  • Two containers are being processed today and surveying will be done on Pāpāmoa to see if anything has come ashore in the past week.
Smit Borneo in action (1) 9 December 2011