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New economic strategy launch for the Bay

Monday, 5 December 2011 10:31 a.m.

An updated economic strategy for the Bay of Plenty is to be released later this month, along with a strategy for developing energy as a major contributor to the region's economy.

The Bay of Connections Governance Group is launching an updated Bay of Connections strategy on Monday, 19 December. 

Chair of the Bay of Connections Management Group Miles McConway said the first Bay of Connections strategy was launched in November 2008, and this was its first review. Many organisations, industry sectors, and representatives from local and central government were involved in developing the strategy through the regional forum in September, as well as written feedback and input.

"Two key projects this year have been developing the Bay of Plenty Energy Strategy and updating Bay of Connections, the region's economic development strategy. A huge amount of support and effort has gone into this, with contributions from across the Bay and Taupō, Mr McConway said. 

"It is an exciting time for Bay of Connections as we enter into the next phase of putting our various strategies into action. The launch is a chance for all the key players to come together to celebrate this progress."

Energy is one of the key focus areas of the Bay of Connections Strategy. The Energy Advisory Group has been developing the strategy during 2011. 

"The Energy Strategy and Bay of Connections are forward-looking, innovative, and it is an exciting time for opportunities across the region, including Taupō," Mr McConway said.

Industry representatives who wish to attend the launch should contact Bay of Plenty Regional Council Senior Economic Development Advisor Cheryl MacGregor on 0800 884 880.


For further media information please contact Cheryl MacGregor on021 224 1371 or Linda Thompson, Senior Communications Advisor, on (021) 923 339.

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