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Swimmers advised to stay out of lake ski lanes

Wednesday, 4 March 2015 10:00 a.m.

Swimmers using the Rotorua Lakes are being advised to stay out of the lake’s ski lanes.

The lakes’ Harbour Master and maritime officers have received complaints from water skiers that swimmers are using the designated ski lanes when the lakes are busy, creating problems for skiers.

One complainant who received an infringement notice (fine) for exceeding five knots outside the ski lane said they had brought a learner wakeboard rider in slowly at a safe place where there were no swimmers, because they had counted 23 swimmers in the ski lane. Later in the day there were more than 40, including small children.

Lakes Harbour Master Pererika Makiha said the ski lanes were designated to keep both swimmers and skiers safe, and swimmers should stay clear of the designated lanes. However signage designating the ski lane was often obscured by vehicles and gazebos.

“Skiing from shore is only permitted within the designated ski access lane or reserved ski area,” he said.

“People also need to remember that water skiing is a three-person sport. You must carry an observer who is over 10 years of age. The skier must wear a lifejacket and ski in an anticlockwise direction.”

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