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Plea to Pāpāmoa pond and aquarium owners

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 10:00 a.m.

Pāpāmoa pond and aquarium owners are being asked to check for the invasive pest plant hornwort, following the accidental sale of the aquatic weed from a Pāpāmoa pet store recently.

“Hornwort is easily mistaken for oxygen weed but it grows much more aggressively.  It grows easily from the smallest fragments and can take over freshwater ponds, lakes and waterways,” said Bay of Plenty Regional Council Biosecurity Officer Andrew Blayney.

“The store owner stopped selling hornwort as soon as they realised the mistake, but a few customers had taken some home before then.”

“If hornwort finds its way into the local drainage reserves, there’s a risk of further spread. We want to contain it before it has a chance to affect recreation, block irrigation or drainage systems, and displace native plants and fish in the region,” Mr Blayney said

Anyone that finds hornwort should either dispose of it through the general rubbish collection or contact Bay of Plenty Regional Council for advice and assistance, phone 0800 880 884 or email .

“Whatever you do, please don’t tip it into a local waterway or send it down the drain,” said Mr Blayney. 

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