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Latest statistics show BOP households as prepared for an emergency as rest of country

Monday, 17 February 2014 10:30 a.m.

More Bay of Plenty residents are prepared for a civil defence emergency, but more could be done, a national survey shows.

A Statistics New Zealand survey showed there was a slow increase in the number of BOP households with basic preparations needed to get through an emergency – a trend matched across the country.

Regional Manager – Civil Defence Emergency Management for the Bay of Plenty, Clinton Naude said today’s results reflected other surveys which showed a slow increase in the number of people and households being prepared. 

“A lot of people are partially prepared, or know what to do, but haven’t made the move to being fully prepared,” he said.

Basic preparations necessary to get through an emergency are having a three-day supply of food and water and an emergency plan. Being better or fully prepared means also having emergency items such as a torch, battery operated radio and a first aid kit. has details and tips on preparing emergency items.

Statistics for the Bay of Plenty 

Bay of   Plenty

Percent   with basic preparations







“We’d like to see more people being better prepared as that will mean fewer people needing emergency services help during an emergency,” Mr Naude said.  

“Check with your neighbours, friends and family now. Have a chat about what survival items you can get together now, and what you’d do and where you’d meet in an emergency,” he said.

Bay of Plenty has a many different hazards and individuals and communities can learn about these on


If a disaster happened now, would you be ready? 

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