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Template helps prevent industrial pollution

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 1:00 p.m.

Tauranga City Council and Bay of Plenty Regional Council have made it easier for commercial and industrial sites to prepare a pollution prevention plan.

Every commercial and industrial site is required to have an environmental management plan that deals with pollution risks. Until now there has been no set standard beyond the imperative to "have a plan".

The city and regional councils have addressed this by developing a template that any business can use to prepare their own plan. The new template provides a logical structure for people who aren't used to thinking about stormwater pollution.

Tauranga City Council's Pollution Prevention Officer Toby Barach says pollution issues can be taken for granted by business owners.

"We like to think it's common knowledge that stormwater drains flow straight into waterways without any treatment, but people do forget this," he says. "When required to write a pollution prevention plan, if you don't know what kind of issues you should be addressing it can be difficult to know where to start. This new template does all the work for you."

Development of the Pollution Prevention Plan template was jointly funded by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. The Regional Council's Senior Pollution Prevention Officer Adrian Heays says it was important that the template be user friendly.

"Industrial sites come in all shapes and sizes and it can be a challenge to identify and manage all actual and potential pollution sources. By entering and completing the template your pollution prevention plan will almost write itself," he said.

He said it was important for all businesses to remember they had obligations under the RMA and the city council's Stormwater Bylaw (2010).

"Businesses that successfully implement a pollution prevention plan can go a long way to achieving compliance with the Regional Council's RMA requirements and with Tauranga City Council's Stormwater Bylaw. They also protect themselves, their business and the environment," he said.

"If you think your activity needs consent please call Regional Council on 0800 884 880 and ask to speak to a consents officer for more information on the process."

The Pollution Prevention Plan template is free for anyone to download from the Tauranga City Council website. It will be recommended to all businesses as part of on-going pollution prevention audits.

Further information:

  • Download the pollution plan template
  • For consent issues please call a Regional Council Consents officer on 0800 884 880.
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