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RENA update from Maritime NZ (226)

Monday, 27 February 2012 11:00 a.m.


  • 1 reefer container has been removed in two sections and as scrap onto a barge 4 x 20 foot containers from Hold No.6 recovered on Sunday.
  • 50 big bags of lamb meat removed to the barge on Friday.
  • 76 big bags of mussels removed to a barge on Saturday
  • General pieces of scrap collected from cargo hold No.6.
  • Helicopters are still being used to assist in discharge of the cargo and containers fromRena.
  • 1 reefer containing cargo, 3 x 40 foot empty reefer containers, ½ x 40 foot empty reefer container and 1 x 20 foot empty container remain on the foredeck and are to be removed. A helicopter will be used to remove the containers once they have been cut into sections and passed to the barge for transport ashore and disposal.
  • Svitzer have plans to empty the meat reefer, in addition to further dive operations in the aft section of the wreck (conditions permitting).
  • Future work on the forward section will also include the recovery mooring ropes and salvage equipment which is no longer required on the bow section.
  • Svitzer are planning on shifting theSmit Borneolater in the week using the Go Canopus to run anchors. 


  • 15 knot SW winds are forecast for this morning persisting through the day. Indications are that winds will start to increase late Wednesday from the NW with 30/35 knot winds forecasted and gusting to 40 knots through Thursday.
  • The sea state at Astrolabe is expected to remain around 1.0m today and through Wednesday, becoming more long period swell dominated from Tuesday as the short period seas abate and a longer period ground swell builds. 


  • Operations over the weekend saw the number of containers recovered fromRenarise to 561. The total number of containers recovered from the sea or shore remains at 71.
  • Further loads of timber and bagged debris were lifted by helicopter to a waiting barge at Matakana Island over the weekend.
  • Beach surveys along the Mount Maunganui and Papamoa shoreline were held and small pieces of foam debris were collected - this follows extensive clean up operations on these beaches over the past week.
  • Braemar Howell's routine aerial reconnaissance flight was held yesterday.  The plane combed the coastline looking for debris but nothing of significance was found.


  • 76 bags from reefers on board the Rena and two half scrap reefer container pieces received via barge on shore.
  • Teams continue to strap timber into bundles on Matakana beach in readiness for heli-lift operations.
  • Debris collection continues along Mount Beach to Harrisons Cut. Teams also collected gloves off the beach at Tua Piro Bay & Bowentown. 

MNZ / spill response

  • Clean-up operations have been undertaken at Rabbit Island, with ongoing work planned for today and tomorrow at Matakana Island and at Kulim Park and Harbour Drive.
  • From tomorrow a team will be working on clean up operations in the Cape Kidnappers area.
  • Members of the public are encouraged to continue calling the wildlife response line 0800 333 771 if they see any wildlife affected by oil. From today, this number will divert to the local Department of Conservation office, which will respond to these calls. Any wildlife requiring rehabilitation will be taken to Massey University, where they will be cared for by members of the National Oiled Wildlife Response Team.
  • Waste total remains at 1,044m3.


Rena and Smit Borneo, 24 February 2012