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New contract for East Coast Bus Service

Monday, 21 November 2011 5:10 p.m.

The Ōpōtiki to Pōtaka bus route is now under a new service contract.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Public Transport Subcommittee Chairman Doug Owens said the service has received a new contract to continue servicing the eastern Bay of Plenty.

"We trialled this route for a year and have had some really positive feedback from the community. We are pleased to announce that this route is now under contract and will continue to provide a reliable service for eastern Bay communities" Councillor Owens said.

The Ōpōtiki to Pōtaka return service runs every Tuesday and Thursday. The fare price ranges from $2.30 to $15.00 depending on where passengers hop on the bus.

Councillor Owens encourages east coast residents to make the most of this service and consider taking the bus to visit friends and family or head into town. 

"The bus is a win-win transport option, saving you money as well as helping care for the environment. As well, it will be run by local operator Eastern Buses Ltd for the next two years," said Councillor Owens.  

"We hope that this bus service will also provide transport for visitors and help them see the east coast, which is one of our real treasures in the Bay of Plenty," Councillor Owens said. 

The schedule for the Ōpōtiki to Pōtaka route can be found on or call 0800 4 BAY BUS (229 28).